I booked a room on Priceline. Only after was I informed of a $300.security deposit.

i wad.going to pay with cash to retrieve it at checkout. It has to be on a card. I could do that. I was in the lobby texting back and forth with price line to get a refund.

There telling me a third party booked it and wont refund money. Since someone? Is hoo g to keep the$300 that will be deducted from. In 2 minutes is going to draw interest from it by keeping it 10 days is messed up.

I'm stuck now taking the reservation that the front desk guy knows I e already confirmed I'm debating since in stuck what stops hotel after I check out saying there's?something wrong with the room and keep my $300. It had been 20 minutes since I had arrived and the front desk guy comes out screaming I have to leave HIS LOBBY didn't know employees own part of the hotel or he's calling the cops what a whimp. Can't do his job and discuss the situation. Well of course not cause while this is developing 3 other people were being manipulated by being charged the$300 again cause the booked another night but didn't inform them.

That's $600that guys got out being made interest on.any way I went out side and called the police myself they said other than going to court my only choice Is to write to you. So I am and would like my $64 back

User's recommendation: Do go there.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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