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I lived here from September 2013 to September 2015. Everything was fine until they hired Trina Collette as General Manager. Trina Collete had a personal vendetta against me. I am a Disabled Veteran and there was no reason for this except blatant discrimination against me. I paid on time, was quiet, kept to myself.

The harassment was constant. From Trina saying horrible things to the staff about me, like I steal, don't pay my bill, I am dirty. She had them keep records of every interaction with me so she could find a way to throw me out. I have employees on record saying this. (HOW IS THAT NOT DISCRIMINATION???) Trina Collete did everything from raising my rent to untenable amounts and cutting off housekeeping so they could say I was untidy. Movement is a challenge for me as I hold a 100% Service Connected Disability Rating from the VA. I suffer from the following conditions which are Service Connected and make my life pretty hard as it is:

Diabetes 2

Asthma/COPD - extensive lung damage as a result of this


Ulcerative Colitis

Myalgic Encephalitis



Hematuria - Calculus of the Kidney


Pagets Disease of the Breast (Precancerous)

Seizure Disorder

Nerve Damage

Acute Insomnia (Which Trina Collette continually ignoring the Do Not Disturb sign, waking me up, actually jeopardized my health. Not to mention the anxiety)


Not only did Trina Collette make it a point to treat me like a 2nd-Class citizen, a criminal, she would go to great lengths to push me out. She even went so far as to call the police crisis team, under some ridiculous pretense. Unreal!!

Believe me I wanted to move, but as a Disabled Veteran (Iraq War) with 2 kids in school and the rental market being what it is, there were not a lot of options.

Finally after being there for 2 years, they took my rent money which was the entirety of my VA benefits on August 31, 2015 and evicted me under false pretenses on September 2, 2015. Essentially throwing me out into the streets.

The owners are Muslim and I can only assume this is a part of the discrimination, as it did not start until they bought it. Pazul Amir is the name of the man who owns it. That's a shame if it's true because I served with many Muslims in the Army and I have nothing against anyone.

As for the hotel. The lights in the halls are always out. Staff is rude, under Trina they can't keep someone there for more than 3 months. It will take 24 hours to get anything fixed in your room plumbing is a joke, HVAC is loud and iffy, Wifi slow and goes out constantly. Pot smoke permeates, every Saturday there are parties in the ballroom from 6pm to about 11pm and they are very loud, like having a dance club in your room loud. There is no free breakfast like comparably priced hotels in the area such as:

¤Extended Stay America

¤Sleep Inn

¤Hawthorne Suites

...among others.

Avoid this place like the plague. I am not the only one who has had an issue with management especially Trina Collette. Trust me. Obviously, they had to make up a way to kick me out, but as most disabled veterans have no money, no voice, what could I do but leave?

What's equally sad is they have employees and management leaving 5 star reviews:

Victor Delgado is in High Management

Hope Hayford is General Manager.

Trina Collette is Operations Manager

That should tell you everything you need to know. They treat Housekeeping like ***. Awful business. Awful people. Avoid.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you truly have proof of these events taking place, especially the staff saying those things about the manager, then take your case up with the Attorney General. If you're not willing to use the evidence of the claims you're making to have this properly, legally settled, then I doubt if anything you're saying is true.

Besides, a hotel is no place to live especially for TWO YEARS. I would be trying to get you to leave too

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