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For being a Candlewood Suites I'm real disappointed with our experience here. First night I checked in it was late close to midnight and had a real exhausted day.

The overnight desk attendant Manny smiles welcomed me and asked how he could help me. I gave him my name and he immediately acknowledged and thanked me for being a loyal spire member. I asked about a extended rate and he said he would speak to John the sales manager to help me with rates. The next morning John did call me to my room and mentioned Manny had asked him about getting with me to see the dates, rates, and room preference if available.

Being unsure of the days that I would need I asked about a week at a time because our daughter was due any day for having her baby. I have been here 47 nights I've paid over $3,637.00 in accommodation's and cupboard. As a loyal spire member I am unsatisfied with a lot and I have been nice, patient, and more than enough fair to everyone who works here. In this same 1 stay I've had a hold on my card for $10.00, $10.00, $11..01, $98.27 and $303.97 When I ask it's like no one has answers the front desk.

When I go to the front if they are on the phone I have to wait not once have they thought of putting a call on hold or even giving me a second to recognize I'm standing there by telling me they will be right with me. Even the GM here has without reason accused us of different things already first one was a note on my door. I walked the hall and went up to the 3rd floor to see if it was only I with a notice on the door. The note was only for myself room 201 saying how to please respect other guests and not to be leaving trash bags in the hall and to please take them all the way to the dumpster.

I was appalled of how the GM just assumed it was me for "the content" in the bag. I was furious and wrote back on the same paper a note back to the GM. I explained how not only was I the only one with a note but after what I had already experience it was just one more thing to add the unsatisfied experiences here. I wrote back how I didn't leave that trash and went of to say that I had to take the trash out the whole way to the dumpster everyday because since day one of staying here housekeeping had NOT once cleaned my room.

It has been awful when it comes to housekeeping at this Candlewood I have to go ask to exchange sheets. Exchange them because housekeeping avoids cleaning my room in every room they have moved me to I've found unsanitary things left by the previous guest and not only did housekeeping not see nor clean it but the housekeeping supervisor that I've never seen here has also failed to notice it and let guest check into the rooms the first room had used razor blades left in the rest room the second room had a kit to clerk ones blood pressure on top of the microwave the third room still had some trash bags with papers and things in the drawer under the cook top. When I ask for sheets it's like waiting for water in a drought. I've been told by Dominga" I don't have sheets for that room you have to go get them because I just came from there" ????

and to add more Dominga keeps her Bluetooth speaker with her and you can hear her loud music from down the hall I've been in the elevator with her and not once has had the curtesy to lower down her music. When I was in room 127 which is next to a closet / storage I could hear them speaking and unsure of who it was she said " I'm not cleaning 127 F$%# that b^&%@. I keep my calm and not make a big fuzz because I consider that everyone has problems and everyone is human and stresses however for me to pay and keep receiving this treatment is not acceptable. Kennedy in the front desk has seen me standing in front of her and continued reading her tax papers she had just printed and didn't even bother asking if I needed anything.

I waited and after a bit I said "excuse me" she said "oh did you need something" no darling you are so pretty I was just looking at you. I once went to the cupboard got 2 bananas for .75 cents each ran to my room and grabbed some cash and came back to pay well I decided I wanted a red bull price $4.00 I give Kennedy $1.50 and I tell her that's for 2 bananas I just got and then I give her a $10.00 bill and I say to her this is for the red bull. She looked at me confused and she gave me back $8.00. I smile and I tell her no the red bull is $4.00 she laughs and says oh ok I was confused of why you were giving me money and I give her the change back so she can correct it in disbelief this girl get's another dollar from her tell and hands it to me I looked at the guy next to her not knowing at this time that he is the GM and he just looks and says "thank you" I didn't know what to think I ended up putting the difference in the slot for cash in the cupboard.

Now on the outside the day I checked in there was a orange and black balloon popped on the floor I had noticed it because at first I thought it was a lizard and scared me when I saw it was a balloon I thought it was funny and kept it to myself. Next day, next week, a month later the same trash and balloon is still there I've mentioned this balloon to different employees here and still today it's still there. The halls are rarely vacuumed , through the back entrance I've seen orange peels sitting on the same spot for 5 days. The laundry room has a certain smell to it and is never in good standards it's real hard just getting in there the door is hard to open I've mentioned it several times but nobody does anything.

Oh the door to the cupboard it remains open not to convenience the guest rather to avoid the door shutting because it's not safe once it closes the only way to open it is to go up the ceiling and remove one of the ceiling boards to jump in and open it form the inside. The closet fell when I moved to this room 201 and requested to please have it fixed. 4 Days later GM calls and asked if we had by any chance taken the laundry basket from the previous room and I said I used it when moving rooms and had no where to put my clothes because no one had come to fix the closet he said I'll get someone up there. I canceled what I had planned and I waited for whoever was going to fix the closet to come but nothing.

2 Days later I speak to Manny about it and next day maintenance shows up. The rest room door jammed in my room leaving me to have to go down stairs because the door wouldn't open I asked Manny I saw him go and write it in the log the next day I'm still going downstairs and when Manny arrived he asked if it had gotten fixed and he apologized and said he would write it again and speak to GM of he inconvenience of going downstairs every time. There are so many things I can keep on. Late night my husband went and asked for change for a hundred dollar bill I don't know details because I wasn't there all I knew was that Manny's till was not 50 dollars short.

Being that he has been the only one so good to us and really he is the one that should be managing this place I couldn't let him get in trouble being that if my husband wouldn't of asked for change it would had never happened. I went down and told Manny how I felt and gave him 50 dollars to replace the lost one I told him if the money was found or ect to just add it to my folio he insisted not to but I asked him to please let me replace it. Somehow in my concern that maybe he would still end up in trouble and the fact that way over 30 days I was still paying taxes I went to the front several times inquiring about my concerns. I noticed funny activities here suddenly GM is staying until 11pm and 2 overnight clerks due to "training" sure I spoke to the GM and again mentioned my concern and asked him to please review my logs for accommodation fees that were not right.

When I came in late night Manny looked at me and I could tell something was wrong. GM had told him that we kept coming downstairs and accusing him of taking the money and that we kept asking for our money back. No no no no. After all the fails that have occurred here 50 dollars is the least of my worries.

How dare does the GM accuse me of saying such ugly negative things to the only person who has always made us feel welcomed here. I apologized and I couldn't believe so much drama at a Candlewood with GM, housekeeping, and maintenance. The next morning on my way out I saw the GM and again spoke to him about how I felt and he just looked at me I asked how dare he lie and say I accused anyone of taking anything he didn't have anything to say. Well for work I do a lot on online business and buy, fix to resell electronics online.

Last night someone had asked if I would buy a phone from them I ran the imei and the item came back blacklisted I don't buy anything that has been reported lost or stolen I denied the transaction and went on about my business. This person came to the front desk and started creating drama my husband went down twice to address the problem and then we didn't hear anything else on it . This morning front desk calls and asked if we could come speak in person. I don't know how it went from us getting harassed to us being the problem.

GM asked us to vacate the property because of "suspicious activities" "s" I asked what else he said that was all. Never once have I ever felt that even though I've been a long time spire member I've had to put up with so much and not once have had a sorry nor a offer to fix the problem. To feel like I have to walk on eggshells because housekeeping gets upset when I ask for anything and the GM being the GM lying to his employees on what I've said has totally ruined my experience with IHG. Before joining IHG I was a platinum member with Hilton I started IHG from zero I didn't get a match up or anything fancy like that.

GM here acknowledged that I've been here way over 30 days and said he would give me one day to vacate the premises. How in being the person that stays and pays here giving them jobs be treated so unfairly. I mentioned all this to GM and nothing. The only reason I had extended my stay here was because of Manny's hospitality.

Not only have I been a loyal spire paying member here even after all the poor treatment that I received I still continued giving this Candlewood Suites in San Marcos TX my loyal business donating over 100,000 points to a friend who didn't have a place to stay as long as the points were used in this location and I get a thank you by giving me a 1 day notice only to vacate for doing nothing wrong?

Before I forget I recognize that this is a pet friendly Hotel however for employees like Emily and Kennedy to bring their own dogs to work without a leash and letting them get close to the counter without considering that some guest are allergic was very unprofessional and GM knowing and allowing this is even crazier. I hope this can be of help to better train employees on how to act, speak, and treat members so that this doesn't repeat itself to someone else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Candlewood Suites Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3640.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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