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I stayed here on a one-night stay to get sleep (up for 48 straight hours). Upon check-in, the room was filthy and unsanitary. The pull-out bed / couch was filled with crumbs and dust, there were crumbs around the bed with thick dust piled along the bed skirt...there were tags from clothing from the prior guests...there was also beer cases by the fridge that weren't thrown away...more disgustingly, when we opened a "NEW" trash liner there was a USED blood test strip! I called the front desk, they apologized and gave me a new room.

The new room was not much better outside of the beer cases, everything was about the same. There were crumbs and dust among the couch and pull out bed, tag from prior guests, and crumbs around the bed. Though there wasn't a USED blood test strip, there was DRIED BLOOD on the sheets. When I called the front desk, they explained there wasn't anything further they could do. Since I hadn't slept in days, I decided to sleep on top of the sheets and handle the issues the next morning.

When discussing about this situation with the front desk, the clerk had to call the manager, and he could be overheard stating that I was complaining and that the issues weren't that major. I was dumbfounded that a manager would claim that used blood strip and stained blood was NOT an issue!? The manager gave me a very small discount, which certainly didn't fit the risks I had to take to stay at this hotel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Candlewood Suites Manager.

Monetary Loss: $130.

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